Lawyers shaking hands after settling at mediation

"We just finished a case. The Magistrate Judge said the following: "I have viewed many video settlement documentaries submitted by parties, the one you submitted was by far the best I ever saw. It focused on the family and their words and was powerful." It helped win the Judge over to our side and translated into a happy client and larger recovery."
Justin Green
Kreindler & Kreindler, LLP

"Dina's work product has been superb. We have used her legal video services both during trial and to assist us in settlement of cases. Her work has always been timely and imaginative."
Neil Sugarman
Sugarman and Sugarman, P.C.

"I have worked with Dina since 1994. Over the years, she has produced video settlement documentaries and day-in-the-life videos for me. Most recently, she shot and edited a few marketing videos for the firm's website. I find her professionalism, highly developed sense of aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail to be assets that set her apart from her competitors. Her many years of experience have taught her what works and how to get that captured on video. I recommend her services highly."
Kerry Paul Choi
Bergstresser & Pollock, P.C.

"I hired FTB Productions to help me demonstrate the loss sustained by a family after a twelve year-old girl was killed while riding her bicycle. She was far more than a legal videographer. She developed themes on which to focus, got relatives to be comfortable talking about a painful loss and delivered a sensitively crafted, enormously useful Wrongful Death video."
Andrew D. Nebenzahl
Smith Lee Nebenzahl, LLP

"I have enlisted Ms. Moeller of FTB Productions to produce a video settlement documentary outlining the damages caused to my client in personal injury matters. In these cases, a jury and/or mediator could not accurately assess the extent of damages based on the medical bills and notes or the extent of damages through plaintiff testimony. Although my clients' injuries were not catastrophic, in those cases, the videos provided a telling of the real story and the extent of damages suffered by the plaintiff and their families.

My cases settled at mediation. The video, at a minimum, doubled the outcome. I would highly recommend the services of FTB Productions, particularly in cases where you know the case has value, but you have some difficulty articulating the precise nature of the damages. I certainly was educated as to where the value of the case lied, as a direct result of the production process."
Steve Bander
Bander, Bander & Alves, LLP

"I worked with Dina and FTB Productions to produce a settlement presentation which included client, family, friends and expert witness interviews, along with day-in-the-life footage. Dina is a true professional. Her experience enables her to conduct meaningful interviews efficiently and to compose a compelling work product. She is patient and compassionate with the clients. The video she produced for me -especially the expert witness interviews- were instrumental in promoting settlement of my case at mediation. For the deserving case, FTB Productions should be a part of the team."
John A. Finbury
Finbury & Sullivan, P.C.

"Dina is the consummate professional. She has always been accessible, flexible, reliable - and patient! Her work product is outstanding . She is extremely meticulous with her video shoots and ably manages all parties involved in order to get it right. I give Fade To Black Productions my highest recommendation."
Marianne C. Leblanc
Sugarman and Sugarman, P.C.

"Our firm has come to rely on Ms. Moeller's impression as the video production moves along, and accept her judgment without question. Through experience and an innate sense of what works well, and what misses the mark, she distinguishes herself from those who merely light the scene and shoot. When you hire her, Ms. Moeller becomes nothing short of a partner on the project, and that alone makes her unique in the field."
Darin Colucci
Colucci, Colucci, Marcus and Flavin, P.C.

"Fade To Black Productions has been Leavitt Reporting's No. 1 choice when providing video deposition services to our clients. Their services have always been of the highest quality. They are always prepared, on time, and accommodate the needs of the client without question or hesitation and will always go above and beyond. Ms. Moeller is a true professional and a pleasure to do business with."
Carol Difazio and Elaine Buckley
Leavitt Reporting, Inc.